There are many App Analytics companies, but Appredict is different. Appredict doesn't just analyse the easy and obvious. We extract deep hidden data using advanced machine learning and optimisation techniques, based on world-leading and award-winning research from University College London. Unlike all the other offerings available, we go beneath the surface. Our analysis exposes profound relationships between the specific technical features of your apps' code, and their business performance. Understanding and optimising this critical end-to-end technical-to-business relationship is essential for revenue maximisation.

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Appredict Ltd.


App stores contain hundreds of thousands to millions of apps (depending on the store). There is a lot of information available about these apps on the app store, and this can be useful to developers, to users and to the app store owners. However, this information is currently isolated and not analysed together in any app stores.

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Professor Mark Harman
Dr. Yue Jia
Dr. Federica Sarro
Mr. William Martin
Dr. Yuanyuan Zhang


UCLappA & Publications

App development is an increasingly innovative and lucrative software industry. Understanding this exciting new software ecosystem requires App Store Data Mining and Analysis.
UCLappA is a group of researchers, lead by Dr. Yue Jia, interested in the analysis and understanding of mobile app store ecosystems and their key mechanisms.

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